Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Transition from burlesque...

It is with a sad heart that I have decided to step back from performing burlesque after 6 years.  

My decision is precipitated by the fact that it is nearly impossible for me to book myself into shows, particularly ones of the high caliber that I crave. Being overlooked so often gets to be too much and I react by being increasingly sensitive to the rejection and feeling bitter. The reason I began performing was simple: to gracefully show people the fun things I made and to see what my friends were doing with their creative endeavors. It's been quite a while since the fun to bullshit ratio has been balanced, so I'm simply going to stop.  

The Golden Legends Challenge and the accompanying fundraising expectations were too much for me and I had to back out of that show.  Honestly, I entered it hoping to be a protege - not a back up in case a protege drops out. I realized after I applied that I should have just submitted my signature act Queen B to the showcase, as that was what was wanted from me. This was yet another instance of my desires being set to the side, of me being told I was almost good enough, but not quite.  The meaning I took away was: we really just want the glowy EL Wire act that you took to festivals in 2014.  Much as I wanted to follow through with the Golden Legends Challenge, my heart just wasn't it in when it came down the way it did.

I have two last performances, both with The FOX and both in Ohio.  I find it very appropriate that my last shows are in my home state where it all began.  

* The Midwest Burlesque & Rockabilly Weekend
     June 1-4 2017
        event page: 

* The 7th Annual Ohio Burlesque Festival
   August 2-5 2017
        event page:

AND THEN... I'm going to delve into totally new territory for me.  But I can't blow the top off the news until I'm ready and already doing it.  
Stay tuned....

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Golden Legend Champion Challenge

I nervously sent off my application for the Golden Legend Champion Challenge just now.  I say nervously because I would really love to be part of this and also it frightens the hell out of the MCS part of me (which is a big part).  I'm not sure I can physically do what might be asked of me by putting myself out there for this great opportunity, but a fellow performer urged me to apply and I decided to go for it.  I applied just for the challenge, not the showcase.  SO if chosen, I'd be one of only 7 and would be working closely with a Living Legend of Burlesque!  Very daunting indeed!!! 

GLCC - Golden Legend Champion Challenge will be in Colorado Springs this year!
Hosted by Peaks and Pasties at The Gold Room August 11th - 13th.

There are a few days left to apply for other performers who may be interested, here is the website link:

I was accepted as an alternate.  Meaning, if one of the 7 protoges cannot fulfill their duties or follow thru for whatever reason, I'm on board.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Jazz Happenings @ The Stage Stop can look like this:
my New Year's Intentions set on paper, then set to improvisational music as lyrics for which I do an improv dance.  Such fun!

Really folks, it's well worth the drive into the mountains for a night of festivities.  The shows happen from 7-10p on the 3rd Wednesday each month and are complimentary thanks to the venue, which also offers 10% off meals and drink specials during the show.

fb event page:

The next show is COCK themed.  This is, admittedly, partly my doing as I'm bringing my Viking number with my infamous "ship."  It sparked the idea for the theme and I assure you there's been very amusing banter about what other acts and activities will happen.  I can't spoil surprises though, so come out to see the spectacles that await you! 

Viking Act

I'm stoked that my good pal Jinxy Poppet is traveling up from Colorado Springs to perform too!! 
Jinxy Poppet

Her fb page:

And of course none of this could happen without the producer Beautyofmyland and the venue Stage Stop!
So a big thanks for the chance to perform in this historic place!

fb page for Beautyofmyland:

fb page for Stage Stop:

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A New Monthly Jazz Fusion Night at The Stage Stop in Rollinsville, CO

I'm pleased to be part of the first show in a new monthly Jazz Fusion Night presented by Beautyofmyland!  The show begins Wednesday November 16th at 7pm.

The Stage Stop is a historical venue and eatery tucked away in the mountains in a tiny town called Rollinsville.  This should prove to be an interesting time, so please come out and support local artists and performers in a rustic mountain setting.  If you're a local artist/performer this may be a new venue and night for you to express yourself.

event page:

This event is produced by Beautyofmyland.
 facebook page:

Barb Wire Dolls in Denver Nov 18

Alrighty folks, it's that time again, when my path collides with the Barb Wire Dolls!  I love those times!

November 18th
Barb Wire Dolls

Herman's Hideaway, Denver, CO

Barb Wire Dolls FB page:

It's been a long time it seems, so I'm really looking forward to seeing them play as well as getting to do a little play myself just before they go on.  Get there early to see all the bands and stay late so you don't miss any of the fun!

The next time our worlds will collide is Dec 21st in Phoenix, AZ.  

Monday, October 24, 2016

in the middle of Halloween goodness...

I'm thankful to have had a few shows recently to keep my creative urges satiated.  I've performed at a few new venues and made news friends and run into existing ones and it's been a good few weeks.  I've got one more big Halloween show coming up this Saturday at the Zodiac in Colorado Springs... The Ghouls Gathering!  It's not to be missed if you're anywhere near the area, as there will be activities during the day, vendors and entertainment and raffles in the evening.  So much I can't mention it all, you just need to come out and of course wear a costume and enter the contest!

I'll be bringing out Queen B, which is a rare thing as she's so sensitive and in need of constant maintenance.  So if you have never seen the one that took me to all the festivals in '14... this is your chance.

 Event Page:

There is a Punk Rock Burlesque show coming up on November 15th to which I'll be bringing my holiday act.  That one is getting the music updated again... reverting back to Vivaldi's Winter but a totally different take on just the final movement.  I'm excited to see how it comes off!  Don't miss the snow!

Then there is a brand new monthly show starting on November 16th at the historic Stage Stop in Rollinsville, CO.  A good OH friend is producing a Fusion Jazz Night and I can't wait for the new adventure to begin!  It will be  a multi-media show with live music and performances of many kinds.  More info TBA....

Other than some health issues which are nothing new but need addressing finally, things are going ok.  Colorado treats me well and I love her for it!  I've just gotten a temporary medical marijuana card and haven't even gotten to use it yet... weird for me eh?  The real card arrives in a month or so.  Kinda nice to have that and I don't know why I waited with my chronic pain. 

The RV is doing ok still, though nothing has been done to replace the missing glass up front in the cab and that toxic wood is still bugging me.  That will be remedied ASAP.  

 Today has been leisurely spent at a new campsite outside of Canon City, CO.  Close to town but not too busy and pretty quiet.  I'll be back to explore more one day for sure.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pin-Ups On Tour in Colorado Springs

Last weekend I happened to be in Colorado Springs looking at the free press paper and saw that the next night there was a show coming through town called Pin-Ups On Tour at one of the VA centers.  I looked up their site and facebook page and decided to buy a ticket and go meet them.  This was an idea I'd wanted to do something with years back but never followed up with, so I wanted to see what they were doing and congratulate them for their efforts.


Facebook Page:

Quote from their website:
"PIN-UPS ON TOUR is committed to providing low or no-cost entertainment for Veterans as part of our Morale Boosting Mission. In addition, proceeds from our shows go to support our work entertaining our nation’s veterans inside & outside our our nation’s VA Hospitals."

All I can say is that it is an adorable show that's well suited to its audience.  I was a bit teary eyed at the end of the show when they sang each divisions fight song and cast members went around to hug the service people associated with each branch of the forces. 

Everyone was very down to earth and available to meet the audience after the show for pictures or a chat.  I made sure to say hello and let them know I'd be very interested in participating one day, should they want me.   

I was stoked to buy one of their tank tops and a calendar gift for a vet in hospital.  Since they self-fund their touring, I encourage all patrons to at least look at their merch tables when you attend a show!  If you can't get to a show you can always shop on their website listed above!

They have a show coming up in Denver Sept 24th:
event page:


in San Diego October 8th: